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Max & Mark – V1E2: Riding Dragonflys into Battle Emotionaly Strong

Mr. Wharem, Rev. Lord Money, Katie

Mr. Wharem, Katie, Rev. Lord Money

We call Mr. Wharem in his car to find out Rev. Lord Money is driving. Max presents them with Reddit from a hat and we decide a dragonfly the size of a horse would be good to ride into battle. We discuss 6 of the 15 Things Emotional Strong People Don’t do. The kids get Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing taken away from them… this is why we can’t have nice songs. They boy’s end up in downtown Exeter – the revolutionary capitol of New Hampshire- and find surprise guest Katie, who wants to ride an owl into battle and reviles that that she has a Harry Potter tattoo.  She is then invited to be a regular on the show.

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