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The Max & Mark Show Prologue (#1)

Unlike Star Wars, we’re doing our prequels first. In this episode:

  • Mark learns that his 15.5 year old son really does know what the hell Gilligan’s Island is.
  • Max reveals that he doesn’t remember anything about his Don’t-Do-Drugs talk with his dad.
  • Max learns not to do drugs.
  • Max discusses the inspiring drug talk from Chuck Rosa and the not so inspiring talk from “the other guy”
  • Mark learns Max already knew not to do drugs.
  • Jimmy Fallon’s Joking Bad teaches Max not to do jokes.
  • We remember that search engines have destroyed our memory.
  • Search engines have destroyed our memory so we may forget some stuff we talked about.
  • Mark professes his love for Windows 8
  • Raspberry Pie and Carrot Cake!

Feel Free to enjoy these raw prequels as we work out our format. We welcome your comments.

January 16th, 2014 at 6:30 am

Good work, men.


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