The Viral Vibe: E1 |Apple Pencil, Music Making, and Voiding Warranties|

Welcome to the first Viral Vibe Podcast featuring Multimaxmil (Max), and Feles Fatales (Roger). we talk about the Apple Pencil, music making, and building new projects. Video Podcast: Audio Podcast: http://maxmarksstudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ViralVibePodcast-_1_ApplePencil_MusicMaking_andVoidingWarrenties_.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS http://maxmarksstudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ViralVibePodcast-_1_ApplePencil_MusicMaking_andVoidingWarrenties_.mp3 Podcast (viral-vibe): Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes

14 Sep 2015
VennScience Logo

SBC – Entrepreneur Mike McCann from VennScience

Entrepreneur Mike McCann from VennScience joins Salina and I to talk about his first year in business and shares his secrets to launching a successful start up. I share my experience with VennScience having used them to implement and launch SalesForce. We learn what Mike’s plans for his second year, which include expanding into new

23 May 2014

SBC – Tech Talk’s Cool Tools

Dana brings some cool cool tools. One is so cool Brigs leaves the microphones to Tweet it to her friends. One is a new Whitepages feature that’s going to make trip planning a snap. Oh, and what browser are you reading this on? What version? Listen to the show and we’ll let you how to

07 May 2014

Max & Mark – V1E5: May the 4th be with You

Max & Mark celebrate Star Wars Day by discussing the upcoming episode 7 and the franchise in general. That, of course, leads to hyper-drive vs. Warp-drive vs. FTL Drives and how warp-drive is like Brazilian Ju-Jitsu This is an absolutely indulgent sci-FYI geek off that is, frankly, probably only entertaining to them but you should

05 May 2014
Logo Summer Sessions

SBC – Surfs Up with Entrepreneur Tyler McGill from Summer Sessions

Co-host Erik from PixelMedia bring is Tyler McGill to talk about turning passion and lifestyle into business. Tyler talks about working through the hard beginning of open a business and the rewards of sicking with it. Erik and TJ dig into how Tyler and his brother went from opening a humble surf shop to being

29 Apr 2014

Max and Mark: Goldilocks and the Three Planets

Max and Mark go topical and talk about the recent discovery of Kepler 186f a “near by” planet in the “Goldilocks Zone” Of course that leads to ET, those magic carpet, moving sidewalk things in airports, George Clooney and a wildlife vet teaching hospital.  They surprise call Mr. Wharem on his cell who immediately wants

28 Apr 2014
InHouse Worldwide logo

SBC-INHOUSE World Wide – Positive Managment and Development Only

Salina and Mark start talking about a green screens at parties then introduce Tharon Cottrell of INHOUSE a development only company that provides development service to high end design firms. Tharon shares his unique story of how his business was started and his philosophy on sticking to a core competency . We then discuss his

16 Apr 2014

SBC – Doug’s birthday, Food and Surveys

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Mark is jointed by Briggs and Alli. We start the show wishing Doug Bates, president of the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce a happy birthday. We talk about restaurant week which is in full swing Thursday discussing the marketing strategy and benefits to businesses. The subjects of survey comes up and

02 Apr 2014

Max & Mark – If movies were real and emotionally strong minds cont.

Max and Mark are joined by Mom/Wife Deb Miller who really doesn’t want to be there. She get detracted by cats, does her nails and leaves before the podcast is finished. We discuss what movies would be terrifying if they were real. We review the checklist you need to be a celebratory or the leader

02 Apr 2014
Smuttynose Brewing Co.

SBC – Smuttynose Brewing with Peter Egelston

Erik and Mark start off talking about Peter’s history in Portsmouth, his contribution to the economy and his success as an entrepreneur. Peter talks about sitting at a dinning room table in New York where the idea came to him and his sister to bring a microbrewery to the East Coast. We discuss the rich

26 Mar 2014
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